Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things I like about being single

Somedays are harder than others.  Today was hard, so here's my reminder.

This is what I like about being single:

  • The dark chocolate with sea salt that was in the fridge when I left this morning is still there.
  • My schedule is my own.  If I want to work late, I can.  If I want a weekend without any obligations, it's mine.  When I can't sleep, I can get up and turn on all the lights and work for a few hours in the middle of the night, and I don't bother anybody. 
  • My money is my own.  Not that there's much of it, but what there is, I can save and spend as I choose.  
  • I can move wherever I need to move.  As I approach the end of graduate school (d. v.), it is terribly encouraging to realize that I could take a job anywhere and not have to worry about a spouse who can't find work in that particular place.
  • I can wear what I want -- and I have a fine selection of barnyard chic -- when I want to.  I dated a guy who didn't like it when I wore red lipstick.  Fire-engine red was my color of choice today.   
  • I don't have people demanding my time and attention.  I dated another guy who expected me always to be available via phone; he got irritated when I turned my phone off or went out into the woods for a few hours and didn't reply to his texts, and his irritation irritated me.  None of that when you're single!
  • That's it from me for now:  I'm going to have a piece of chocolate, turn off my phone, and call it a night.  

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