Thursday, November 7, 2013

In Which Hugo Chávez Is Praised

The commercialization of a woman's figure in the US is bad, no doubt about it.  But it is nothing compared to the immense pressure our sisters in Venezuela are under regarding their bodies.

The New York Times International today published a short piece (with video) on the rise of plastic surgery in Venezuela among all classes of women despite dire economic circumstances there.  Women will sacrifice all else in order to pay, and pay, and be perfected.

You can watch the 5-min video here.  Warning:  there are a few graphic surgery shots.

After you've seen it, you will find yourself entertaining very dark thoughts involving a meat mallet and the face of Osmel Sousa while simultaneously wanting to shake hands with the late, notorious Huge Chávez, who according to this report "...railed against the procedures, saying it was 'monstrous' that poor women were spending money on breast surgeries when they had trouble making ends meet."

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