Monday, November 4, 2013

Young (Female) Historians

Why yes, I am taking the Daily Mail seriously enough to respond to it.

 The History girls...

It occurs to me that I can respond in about six different ways:

1. Look!  Female historians!  With jobs!

2. Lady, get your fingers off the ink on that manuscript page. 

3. Why are they all white?

4. Actually, why are they all young and attractive?

5. I wonder what it would take to get the tenured male profs I know to wear outfits and poses like this.

And finally, as always:

Are you £@$%-ing kidding me?


  1. I really liked Notorious's response to the article: "oh, barf" followed by nuance. Good stuff:

  2. Good idea L-- I'd like to commission a gender-swapped image of the one from this article, using old white historian dudes. Come on all you history grad students with photoshop....this one's for you! Procrastinate like a champion today!

  3. Sapience, thanks for the link! That's a great response.

    Dixie, I know. Me too.

    Elise, I thought about it. Really, I did. But I'm supposed to be writing a dissertation and teaching my students and applying for jobs. I've also thought about staging a male version of this photo shoot: open shirts, smouldering looks... the male colleagues to whom I have mentioned it think this idea is hilarious, and, good eggs that they are, have said they'd do it...


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