Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yet Another Argument for Celibacy

To wit: there is deep inequality in the hook-up culture, and it's women who get short-changed.

No freaking kidding.

If this isn't already entirely obvious to you, read more from the New York Times here.  Mind you, this article focuses solely on physical inequality, to say nothing of inequality in other dimensions -- emotional, spiritual, political, social, that whole "I could bear a living, breathing, human child as a result of this random interaction" dimension.

Also, the article tries (rather feebly, by my lights) to end on a chipper, if flippant, note to the effect that it's far better to have bad sex and feign passing intimacy with a total stranger than to have no sex.

Wow.  Really?

"But," the mainstream singleton protests, "what's one to do if not hook-up?" Maybe -- and I'm just spit-balling here -- maybe choose to focus one's energy on fostering genuine, intimate, non-sexual relationships of myriad kinds and depths and richnesses with a variety of interesting people.  Or take up origami.

"But that doesn't guarantee the same kind of pleasurable experience!"  Neither does causal sex, dearie. Not by a long shot.  Did you even read the article?

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